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Category Services
Created 2017-10-09
Owner jiyyoinnovation
Title Healthcare Marketing Solutions Provider - Jiyyo
Description Jiyyo has engineered the database of thousands of medicines and medical products, which gives you access to the prices of over 100,000+ medicines. You can simply get the best rates for the medicine around you in just few clicks. You can save as much as 70% of your time and money to get the best rates from anywhere, anytime. Our team of trained executives keep our database upto date for better results.Looking for best rates for a procedure or test? Jiyyo offers a fast, easy and intuitive way to find the best rates of 2000+ tests & 1000+ procedures in different hospitals and laboratories around you. To find out more, use the application and get access to our huge database of medicine, medical products & services.
City Chandigarh
State Chandigarh
Country India
Site https://www.jiyyo.com
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